Just one example of the potential that exists in India is the StudSat. No, that's not stud but student abbreviated; although their achievement makes them cool enough to be studs. Read on about them at their TeamStudSat website.

Now that their pic-satellite is in orbit, these students have plans to make two more. Read more at: One tiny satellite in space, whiz kids plan two more.

The world is going ga-ga over India's announcement that a Rs. 1500 tablet PC is on the way. Here are a couple of reports on it: $35 computer taps India's huge low-income market and India's $35 PC is the Future of Computing. We have to wait for actual production to begin to see the feasibility, but the achievement so far, is itself, quite admirable. Unfortunately this is a currently unreasonable dream since knowledgeable friends have pointed out that the price is not feasible right now.

Here's something to cheer about though. Two young engineers in Bangalore have come up with an idea, Interview Street, that one of the most respected seed fund company, Y Combinator has chosen for funding. The Economic Times carried this story. Hope to see this innovative idea blossom and make it big in the international arena.