Looking for a job?

Don't know how to prepare for an interview?

Not sure what they will ask you in an interview?

Never participated in a group discussion?

Is your resume ready?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, you should consider joining our interview readiness training course to get a job.

Interview Readiness Course will help you:

Plan your job search

Write an effective resume

Prepare for an interview

Participate confidently in Group Discussions

Communicate clearly

NO. We do NOT give a job guarantee with this training. You pay a lot of money to attend college and get a degree without any job guarantee. So, it would be unwise to expect a job guarantee by spending only a fraction of the time and paying only a fraction of the money at any training company.

What we do guarantee is an honest effort to train you and give you proper guidance that will be useful throughout your career.

Most students are not job-ready as you might have already heard or read in the papers. This is a course that will make you interview-ready even if you are one of the students who is not job-ready. Our interview-readiness training will help you gain an edge over all the other students who are not prepared for finding and landing a job.

Job readiness involves a lot of effort and requires training over a much longer duration. We offer job readiness training also but only for sufficiently serious candidates who are willing to put in time and effort. If you are one such person, do talk to us.