Frequently Asked Questions

Job Seekers


Job Seekers

Q. Is there a fee for submitting our resume?
A. No, there is NO fee for submitting your resume. There is NO registration fee either. You are welcome to submit your resume through email or in person when you are looking for a job.

Q. Is there any fee for your recruitment services?
A. No, we do NOT collect any fees from candidates looking for a job. Our clients, all of whom are reputed organizations, pay us a service fee for helping them find the right kind of person for their team.

Q. Are there any other hidden fees?
A. No, there are no other fees that you are required to pay when we help you find a job. A thank you, though not mandatory, would of course make us happy. If you recommend us to your friends or employer we would be happier.

Q. I am a fresher and I do not have any experience. I am unable to find a job. My friends are advising me to add fake experience. Should I?
A. We strongly recommend that you do NOT add any fake or false experience. As a matter of fact, your resume should contain only factual information about you. We believe honesty pays. Besides, we have received many credible reports where companies have dismissed hardworking employees because during their background checks evidence of false information was found in their job applications. Even if you get a job by lying, you will always have to worry about when the truth will come out. Your career is too important to leave in the hands of other people.
Fresh graduates usually ask us this question because they feel that it is unfair of employers to ask them experience. There are thousands of companies that recruit freshers. And there are crores of people before you who were also in the same situation when they first graduated. They did not have to lie to get a job, so why should you?

Q. Will you give me a fake experience certificate? I am willing to pay a lot of money.
A. We do NOT give any fake certificates.

Q. I heard that I can get a job in 'xyz' company by paying money. Can you get me a job in that company?
A. Sorry, but we cannot help you. Our clients are legitimate and reputed companies that will employ talented people who match their company requirements. They will not jeopardize their company's future by taking money and hiring people that will not fit the job requirement. If you have money, we can recommend at least two alternatives: start a business on your own or take one of our training courses that will prepare you to get a good job.

Q. If I take your training, will you give a job guarantee?
A. We do NOT give any job guarantees. For the training fee we charge, we believe you will gain a lot of knowledge and skills. However, no legitimate company can possibly give you an unconditional job guarantee. After all, if you attend any training but don't put any effort, you will not reap the maximum benefit out of such training.

Q. I submitted a resume two weeks ago and I still did not get a call from you. Why?
A. Our normal practice is to acknowledge resumes received by email, as soon as we access those emails. If you have emailed your resume and you did not receive an acknowledgement, please contact us so that we can confirm receipt of your resume.
We will re-contact you once we have openings that match your skills. Since the positions that you are looking for may not be available with us right now, we probably did not contact you. You can contact us on the phone for further clarifications.
If you have submitted your resume in person when you came to our office, then you will receive any acknowledgement since someone has taken your resume and talked to you already.

Q. I wish to be notified of new job openings in my area of interest whether I qualify for the opening or not. Will you notify me?
A. We have set up some SMS and email group notifications for you using Google technology. Please visit our subscription page and follow the instructions to register yourself.

Q. Do you charge for such notifications?
A. No, the notifications will be sent to you for free. In the case of group emails, you will incur no charges.

However, the first time you subscribe to an SMS channel, you may be charged by your cell provider the normal single SMS fee according to your plan.

Note: IndiGenius does NOT get any remuneration from your cell phone company for that SMS.


Q. We do not want candidates from job portals because we already have access to them. How can you help us?
A. Currently, we do not even subscribe to any of the well-known job portals. All the candidates that we shortlist based on your requirement are either from our internal repository or through references or through other innovative searches that we conduct.

Q. We want a lineup of 50 candidates by tomorrow. Will you be able to give us the lineup?

A. We probably can, but that is not how we work. We believe that you will benefit the most from quality rather than quantity. Unlike many other recruitment companies that you might have worked with, we do NOT just give you a lineup. All the candidates that we provide are pre-screened to match your requirements.

We would rather not give you any candidates than waste your time providing people that do not match your requirement.

Our clients having experience working with us know that this helps them in three ways:

Q. We do not want to pay you. Why don't you take money from the candidates?
A. We do NOT work in that model. When you provide a product or service to your customers, you expect payment from them because of the hard work that you put in and the quality that you deliver. We are doing the same thing: working for you to help you find the right kind of talent so that your company can employ them to grow more profitable.

Q. Why should we work with you when giving an advertisement is cheaper?
A. That is a legitimate question and in some cases, we recommend to our (potential) clients that solution. However, our HR services work on an outsourcing model. By handing over the task of searching for talented individuals for your company, you are able to concentrate on your core competency.

In the case of an advertisement, you have to spend time and resources on composing the advertisement, figuring out whether to issue a local, state or national advertisement, sort through the hundreds or thousands of applications you receive in response.

By giving the job to us, you can devote your time and energy to your core business while we find, sort and shortlist only a few select individuals to you. We will also coordinate with potential candidates the interview times for you if you so wish. You will only pay us for the candidates you select other than a small retainer fee. The retainer fee will be adjusted against the candidates you select.

In most cases, we also give a 3 month replacement guarantee; a luxury that is not available with an advertisement.

Q. How does the retainer fee work? Will you refund it if you do not find any candidates for me.
A. We put a lot of time and effort to provide professional services to you. If a client is not serious about hiring and changes their mind about the openings that they give us, we lose valuable resources that could have been spent elsewhere. So, we take a retainer fee. Since you pay us only when you hire any candidates sent by us, we will adjust the service fee against the retainer fee and charge you only the excess amount if any.