Q. Why do you need this training in recruitment?

A. We believe that students from a HR education background are not receiving practical training in HR Recruitment. By completing this course, you will gain valuable practical knowledge. This will help you be productive for their employer from day one.

Q. Who should join this program?

A. Anyone who is interested in a career in HR and is willing to join a HR recruitment company as a stepping stone to a HR generalist career. Particularly students who have completed their undergraduate or graduate degree in HR and are looking for a job.

Q. What will you learn?

A. Practical aspects of HR recruitment. Basic soft skills, which are so important for getting a job and career growth, are a part of our syllabus.

Q. Why should anyone join this training program?

A. We believe our training quality is unmatched in Vizag. Also, this will complement the theory you have learnt. By hands on learning you will gain understand how to put theory into practice. By taking this course from IndiGenius you will be able to stand out and have a much better chance of getting a job in the highly competitive HR field. For a training fee which is much lower than the amount of money you spend on a PG degree, you are going to gain vital practical knowledge. This can help you get a job sooner and therefore recover the cost within a month of joining a job.

Q. Will you give a course certificate?

A. Yes, all students who attend all the classes and complete the course will get a course completion certificate. Those who successfully complete their practical training to the satisfaction of the client will also get a practical training certificate.

Q. What is the use of the certificate?

A. We do NOT sell certificates and will only be handing them out to candidates who have wholeheartedly completed the course and the practical training. We have a good standing in the business community and therefore the certificate will be a worthy one to possess.

Q. When will this training program start? What are the class timings and duration of the class? What is the course fee?

A. Visit us to learn more. If you want us to contact you, please fill this form.